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Our capacity includes bridge construction, pile driving, design build, roadway repairs, retaining wall placement, site preparation and conduit installation. Past clients will verify our competence.

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Our customers are the ones to define quality and our target is to achieve or exceed their standard. Our management group makes sure owners get what they want, when they want, at a fair price.

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Training and safety culture make us a contractor of choice. Working safely is a priority and reflected in our everyday work planning and safety meetings, maintenance of equipment and commitment to updating safety certifications. We are proud to be SAFE Certified by BC Forest Safety Council.

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Our employees value the environment. Use of silt fencing, geotextiles, water pumps, straw, rip rap, spill kits and working with Environmental Monitors during construction is a must. Respecting the environment we work in is natural.

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Great work requires great teams and our employees have the right tools for the job. Our management group is responsive and support the people working there.

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Our people are what make our company different. If you’re interested, please submit an application.

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Our general contracting experts have more than 21 years’ experience in bridge and general construction, specializing in design build forestry, pedestrian and equestrian bridges, pile driving, retaining wall placement, site preparation, conduit installation, and general excavating projects. We are dedicated to completing your project with exceptional results, when you want, at a fair price.
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Forestry, pedestrian and equestrian bridges are the core of Platinum Stone’s work. We specialize in design and build timber deck, concrete slab deck and steel deck on steel girder bridges.

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Whether it be concrete, PVC or corrugated steel pipe (CSP) culvert structures (ie. Mini-Span II & III), Platinum Stone can do the job. Considered an environmentally friendly option to conventional bridges, culverts can be used as bridge-like structures depending on structural factors.

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Boardwalks & Other

Platinum Stone constructs a wide variety of structures, such as boardwalks, decks and retaining walls, in addition to general excavation projects such as site preparation, conduit installation and road improvements.

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